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Hand Controls

The stock Honda controls are flat-out ugly. Worse yet, everything is clumped together which made it impossible to get rid of the parts I didn't want. The solution was to ditch everything and replace it with a combination of newer and aftermarket parts.

Clutch and front-brake levers from a mid-90's Kawasaki Ninja turned out to be a great choice. They were cheap on eBay, worked just as well, and best of all, look very modern.

The clutch lever mated with the stock Honda cable as if they'd been designed that way. The hydraulic master cylinder works perfectly with the front brake caliper. A custom hose eliminated the brake light switch that Honda (for unknown reasons) used between two smaller hoses - the Ninja lever has the switch built-in.

I found an aftermarket switch for the headlight on-off / high-low beam, and it had a horn button built in. Next to the throttle I mounted a dirt-bike type kill button to shut the engine off as needed.

I bought a modern throttle assemby (not shown) intended for a dirt bike. It fit the bars but required custom cables. I did some measuring and sent a drawing to the cable maker. The cables needed to be cut to the final length with a fair amount of fiddling to get the tension right, but the end result looks good and works great.

The wires for the switches and the instrument lights, like everything else, were hidden inside the handlebars.

I'm very happy with the results.