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Electrical Details

Wiring DiagramI wanted the bike stripped to the bare minimum and the electrical system needed a lot of modifications. I ditched the turn signals, which meant no relay or handlebar switch. The electric starter was dropped, so no solenoid or battery. The on/off switch on the handlebar was tossed aside. Getting rid of those things was great but Honda's wiring diagram was a pain in the ass to understand, so I made my own. You can click on the photo to download a crisp pdf copy. I recently had the bike completely apart, so having a color-coded diagram was essential to putting it back together.

Internal Wiring

Hidden Wiring


I wanted the bike to be as "clean" as possible, so I ran all of the wiring thru the frame. It wasn't as tough as I'd feared. Once again, having a diagram and color-coded wires made a big difference.

I found a place called Oregon Motorcycle Parts that sells OEM-style bullet connectors, as well as multi-pin connectors, and used them everywhere I could, like at the engine output and the headlight and instruments.


The Electronics

The rectifier, regulator and fuses, along with a "battery eliminator" were hidden beneath the seat. The big connectors were used everywhere which was critical because the seat came off the bike at least fifty times during the project. Each of the parts has their own barrel connectors so that they can be removed or replaced without having to cut and splice any wires. Getting everything placed, getting the connectors in the right spots, and bundling it up with tie-wraps took several hours. The red plastic covers over the wires all-but make them disappear.

It's the little things that make the difference.