Cafe Racer Header


vintage header

Headers for the CB350s are pretty plentiful, but not so for the CB360. The few available are pretty expensive and beyond my budget. After some poking around on eBayI found this rusty vintage pipe. The footpegs shown with it were going to be used for rearsets. Now they'll be re-sold on eBay.




vintage header


I gave it a good sandblasting before mounting, then realized I'd been ripped-off. It was for a CB350, which has a different angle and spacing for the exhaust ports. It was too late to return it to the seller, so I took it to a local muffler shop and they were able to bend it aound enough so that it would fit.

The original mounting bracket had to be cut off. The baffle was a bitch to remove because years of rusting had bonded them together.


vintage header


I wanted the bracket to be hidden beneath the frame. I made a few carboard templates, did some fiddling, and came up with this. It looks a little rough in this photo but the brackets fit together perfectly.

A little grinding and some hi-temp paint finished the job.