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Various Odds & Ends

CB360 HeaderCB360 HeaderI found an old header on eBay but it turned out to be for a CB350. (The footpegs in the photo were going to be used for rearsets but later discarded.) I was able to sandblast off years of deep rust, then got a local muffler shop to bend it to fit. It sounds great.

CB360 HornCB360 Starter Plug

The horn was originally located beneath the gas tank. It looked ugly but I couldn't toss it away because a horn is essential when that soccer mom or texting teen cuts you off in traffic. I found a new and louder horn, then made a bracket beneath the instrument cluster which hid it behind the headlight.

With the starter motor, sprocket and chain gone, I found an aluminum plug for the hole.

Rear Fender


I bobbed the rear fender, then made a bracket to use the license plate to block off the open end of the fender, as well as hold a cats-eye taillight. The light ended up being lower than I'd planned, so I had to cut a little crescent out of the top of the license plate. I don't think the cops will notice (or care).


CB360 Gas Tank

The fuel tank turned out pretty nice. I took off the Honda emblems and filled the indents. I painted it silver, then added the new graphics a friend made for me. However... the paint wasn't fuel-resistant and the first time I filled the tank, it streaked badly. I'm trying again, this time with an epoxy-type coat which should solve the problem. I'd love to chrome the tank but it's out of reach with my budget.


Uni Pod FiltersA pair of Uni pod filters look great but I'm told they don't flow any better than the stock Honda air boxes. Too late now. At first I used a pair of Emgo filters but didn't like them, partly because they look cheap.

Kryptonite LockThe original fork lock was removed which meant anyone could roll the bike away. I use a Kryptonite lock around the forks. It stows beneath the seat.


It's the little things that round out a project.