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The Videos

CB360 PassHere's a pair of high-speed passes when I finally finished the bike. The camera was mounted on a tripod and I tried to pass it as close as possible. I was too busy watching the tach and target to see how fast (or slow) I was going.

Watch it here:



no mufflerWhen I got the vintage header mounted, I did a little video of the bike running without the muffler. Wouldn't you do the same? Too bad I can't ride it that way on the street. (780k)



test rideI asked my wife to do a little video of me racing up and down the street, annoying our neighbors and scaring little children. It ran good and sounded great. Note the utter lack of safety gear. (11.3m)



garage start Here's a fun clip of me revving the bike kinda loudly in the garage, aka the Ace Design Lab. (8.5m)





More clips to follow. Stay tuned.